Free web hosting

We provide absolutely free web hosting with all features and tools you need to create a website. Free hosting is valid for one year.

Domain registration

Domain name is a unique identifier that allows Internet users to reach your website. We offer registration of domain names in gTLD and New gTLD zones.

Create a website in minutes

Launching an attractive and scalable website quickly and affordably is important for startups — OS Preneur Cloud offers massive value without looking ‘bargain-bin’.


Hosting account management has never been easier with cPanel® – the industry’s leading web hosting control panel.

Site Builder

Intuitive interface allows creating stunning websites by simply dragging content blocks with a mouse and dropping them into the right place. Over 170 predesigned templates of different categories are available to choose from.

Zyro Builder


Softaculous Apps Installer

Single-click application installer providing 350+ applications and still adding more. No post-install configuration is required – everything is done automatically.

Hosting plans and features

Our service is about give you everything you need. You can host your own domain, your site can contain frames, you can put ads on your site, you can have as many web pages as you need, and we do not limit number of visitors. We provide ads-free hosting and will never put anything on your website: no links, no banners, no visitor tracking code.

Free hosting features

You can upload the website you created using FrontPage, Dreamweaver or your favorite website creation tool, use our free online site builder, or install any compatible web application. You will get all the tools, resources and step-by-step instructions to get started immediately.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Premium Software
  • Premium cPanel
  • WordPress Optimized Speed
  • 99% Up time Guarantee
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free backups

What we offer

Free hosting package is perfectly suitable for lightweight websites like WordPress blog, Internet forum, or website built with our Site Builder. On average, free account can serve roughly 30000 daily visitors of PHP-based website, or virtually unlimited visitors of pure HTML website. We do not limit availability of your website – it will be online 24 hours a day.

There is no free trial period – free hosting is valid for one year.

You can host your own domain name with us even if it was registered elsewhere. If you don’t have one – we can register it for you at competitive price.

You can offer unlimited downloads to your visitors as long as your website comply with our Fair Use Policy.

Our hosting platform is compatible with majority of modern web applications. PHP has all functions enabled.

What we do not offer

Our aim is to keep our servers clean from malware, phishing, and other malicious activities posing threat to Internet users. It does not mean that we judge before knowing you, but today’s reality is that we can not predict intentions of every user who signs up. In order to prevent misuse of our services we had to apply certain limitations to free hosting accounts. In turn our servers are never blacklisted so you can always expect your email message to reach it’s recipient, and Internet users to reach your website.

We do not provide hosting for free subdomains like user.somedomain.tld. You need to own a registered domain to host with us.

We do not host free domains like .TK, .ML, .GA, and so on. It doesn’t cost much to register a domain and host it with us for free.

Scripts mailing functionality is disabled by default on free accounts. It is available as one-time billed addon or as part of paid subscription.

Our servers are perfectly configured to handle activity on legitimate websites. If you need more resources – please upgrade.

We do not provide any free services to users from outside Africa.


  • Your startup must be registered by a qualified corporate or organization registrar within any African countries.
  • You must have or able to pay for a paid registered domain. Please contact us if you want us to register a domain for you.
  • You must have your website ready before applying or able to create your website within one month after successful application. Any account that is older than one month and yet have no website will be deleted immediately. Please contact us if you need someone to design your website for $100 dollars. Most website developers will charge you not less that thousands of dollars for a website.
  • Your hosting account is not to host your client’s website but your own. Please contact us if you need to host your client`s website.
  • You must not have two account at the same time (eg with a different company name but the same company or registered by a different person). In such case both account will be deleted.
  • Your company must be owned by an African at least 50%.
  • Your HQ must be in Africa.
  • Your company must not be more than three (3) years old from the date of incorporation.

If for any reason you did not meet any of our quelifications please contact us at

Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team. Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team. Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team. Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team.