Setting up a whatsapp business account.

Grow your Business with WhatsApp

Setting up a whatsapp business account.

What is Whatsapp Business account?

WhatsApp Business is an Android app which is free to download, and was built with the small business owner in mind. With the app, businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to message.

Business Profile

Whatsapp business app lets you create a business profile with helpful information for your customers like your address, business description, email address, and website.

To set up your whatsapp business Profile you first need to install the “Whatsapp Business app” and install it (Don’t worry, it`s the same process as the normal whatsapp installation).

After installing the app please follow the below steps.

Open the Whatsapp Business app (please note the whatsapp business app has a B sign instead of the regular whatsapp telephone sign) Please see the below photo for easy understanding.

Click the three dots at the top right comer and click settings.

Click Business Settings then click profile.

Now click the pencil at the top right corner to edit.

Please use the sections to fill in your details.

Type your business address in the first input area

Next, choose your business category

Now type what your business is about

Choose your business hours (example Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Enter your business email

Enter your business website (if you have any).

Now click Save at the top right corner.

You are done creating your business profile. Now click the back arrow at the top left corner.


Away Message

Now we are going to set up an AWAY MESSAGE for your business. I know some of you don`t know what an away message is. In the simplest way, an Away message is an automatic message your whatsapp will send to people when they message you when you are not using your whatsapp, probably when you are in a meeting or busy. So when someone messaged you, they will get a message that will tell them to know you are unable to respond. Please note, away messages are only sent when the phone has an active internet.

You may want to know why “away message” is important. A client will see that you are online and send you a message but you don`t reply. Most client will get angry because of that, even in normal life when you see a friend online and message them and they did not reply that might make you get angry right? But an away message will help you know they will get back to them soon.

Now let set up an away message for your business.

Click “Away Message”

Look at the top you will see “Send away message” now click on the right corner of that area and it will turn green.

Now click on the pencil just below the green button and type in your away message. Below is an example of an away message. You can use it or create yours.

Hello, thank you for your message. We`re not here now but will respond as soon as we return. If you`re in hast you should call us on (Type your phone number) or visit our website at (Type your website if you have any) when you are done please click OK.

Lastly, click save at the top right corner.

Greeting message.

Next, let set up a welcome message for all your new clients, or anyone that message you for the first time, they will get a greeting message. This can be anything nice greeting you want.

Click on “Greeting message”

You will see at the top “Send greeting message” please click at the button at the right-hand corner just after “Send greeting message” when you clicked on it, it should turn green.

Click on the pencil below the green button.

Now type in your greeting message. Below is an example of a greeting message.

Welcome to OS Preneur! We look forward to working with you. To know more about OS Preneur Please visit our website at  then click okay.

Lastly, click save at the top right corner.

Please note greeting message are only sent when the phone has an active internet.

Quick Reply

Use quick reply to create keyboard shortcuts for often sent messages. After creating quick reply messages, you can use them when chatting with a client by typing / (forward slash) your quick reply messages will pop up, then select a message.

Below are examples of questions you should write quick reply messages for.

  1. What is your business about?
  2. Where is your business located?
  3. What is the price of your product?
  4. How can I contact you?

Create a quick reply for the above questions. To create a quick reply please click on the green button at the bottom right corner.

  1. Type a message.
  2. Type a shortcut
  3. Type a keyword (optional)
  4. Click save at the top right corner.

We are done setting your Whatsapp business account. Congratulation.

After completing all the above steps below image is how people will see your account when they view your profile.

Satta Wahab, is the CEO and Founder of Naz Naturals


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Posted by Naz Naturals on Monday, 12 March 2018

Satta Wahab, is the CEO and Founder of Naz Naturals. Naz Naturals, which is a company that has become paramount in Liberia’s natural hair movement, solidifying its spot as Liberia’s top provider of natural hair products by launching an annual Curl Fest, marketing the event as the “ultimate natural hair experience you’ve been looking for” and showcasing natural beauty and natural products. Even though Naz Naturals is based in Liberia, you can still order from the United States, Europe and other African countries. Their products are mainly Shea Butter based and unrefined.
Satta has created a thriving business by tapped into 2 markets that are on the rise; natural hair and black girl power. This Liberian girl has made a name for herself by creating organic natural Shea-based hair care products that unleash the beauty and confidence in everyone that uses them. Satta is a true believer in embracing the natural beauty of textured hair and foregoing western standards of beauty.
If you are interested in Naz Naturals`s product please visit their page here 
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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Motivational Speech

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation – All successful people know the road to greatness is never easy. They know it is never achieved by living in the comfort zone. You want success? Get comfortable being uncomfortable!
Share your thoughts below.

Your comfort zone is your enemy
One of the biggest ironies I can think of is when you live life trying to stay comfortable, life will send you more and more discomfort.
It’s true, life will send you more and more problems
Life will keep throwing rocks at you
Life will keep handing you resistance, struggles, issues.
And because people are so concerned about staying comfortable instead of growing and reaching higher, because people don’t want to address their limitations and move beyond them, they keep struggling.
Listen, you are not here on this planet to sip apple martinis on the beach and get yourself a tan.
You are here to grow.
And if you won’t make yourself uncomfortable life will give you plenty of reasons to push you out of your comfort zone.
So you have one of two options.
Either you commit to constant growth and feeling discomfort upon your own accord and you become the master of your own destiny, or you hand over the keys and you let life happen to you by default.
One path leads you to success and the other path leads you to constant struggle and pain.
It’s your choice.
Do you think Steve Jobs started apple feeling comfortable about it?
Do you think top athletes sleep their way to high performance?
Do you think oscar winning actors procrastinated their way to high achievement?
So why are you giving in to wasting time with Netflix marathons? And to chronic procrastination?
Why are you running to the bar the second your best friend texts you to come out?
You have got to be willing to make the hard decision. You’ve got to be willing to feel uncomfortable.
To feel awkward, to face rejection, to fail, to feel pressure.
You’ve got to be willing to face those things because that’s what’s necessary for you to grow.
How many times have you looked at your life and said “Man, if I only knew then what I know now, I would live my life so differently”
So is it not possible then, that the life you are living now, you would be living differently, if you began to develop an awareness that you do not currently have?
Well, guess what? The only way for you to develop knowledge and awareness is to try things you have not yet tried. To do things you have not yet done, to create things you have not yet created, to go to places you have not yet explored.
This is how you grow!
That is how you become the person who is worthy of sitting on the beach with their favorite drink, life rewards you with those experiences AFTER you do the work.
There is a real price to success, and LIFE collects the payments, and let me tell you something, life does not accept payment plans.
Life does not let you get away with experiencing things you have not yet earned.
Your sacrifice must be paid upfront and in full, and that is the only way you are going to achieve the life that you want.
So I strongly suggest that you begin to pay with your discomfort.
I strongly suggest you start making those calls, that you start approaching that person, that you start practising kindness and compassion, over jealousy and greed, that you confront your anxiety, that you hit the gym, that you study harder, that you jump higher, that you begin waking up early, even if you’re not a morning person, that you destroy your procrastination.
That you start doing the things, that you KNOW, within your heart, you should have started doing a long time ago so you can start to build the experiences and the knowledge that you need to succeed.
That is what I suggest to you.
And don’t listen to this as a voice on a video over some music.
Listen to this as a direct sign, a direct message that life is giving you, to wake you up, to help you acknowledge your own greatness.
It’s time!
It’s time for you to get uncomfortable, it’s time for you to start dreaming again, and start going after what was always yours, but what you’ve ignored for far too long.
And I promise, when you push yourself into discomfort, your friends will take notice, your colleagues will take notice, your family will take notice, LIFE will take notice, and life will begin to back you up. Life will begin to support you, and open doors for you and introduce you to the people who will take you to the next level, but you have got to take the first step!
So take it.
Take it and watch your life explode into greatness.
Watch new levels of the game unfold for you
Watch you develop into the person who you have always wanted to become.
It’s all waiting for you OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. 

Opinions, Haters & Critics – Motivational Speech (Fearless Motivation)

I’ve never met a successful hater. It’s just not in the DNA of a successful human being to either put someone down for no reason, or to waste their time doing so. Successful people focus on adding value to others, building others up.

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Opinions, Haters & Critics – Motivational Speech – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speakers: Chris Ross Freddy Fri

Opinions, Haters & Critics – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation – WATCH FREE:

Transcript – Opinions, Haters & Critics – Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

Never allow people who gave up on their dreams convince you to give up on yours.

I won’t be led astray by the opinions of others
By those who were too scared to go after their dreams
Those who lacked the courage to fight for their dream

It’s not only your enemies and haters that will discourage you… but your own family and friends too.

Your parents almost always want what’s best for you…
They talk you out of your dream because they don’t want you to get hurt.

They’re conditioned to keep you from being hurt, going right back to when you were a baby…

You’re your own person with your own opinions!

You are capable of making your own choices.
And you are strong enough to handle the consequences if it doesn’t work out.

You are BIG ENOUGH to handle any challenge that comes, based on the DECISIONS you make, on your OWN!

You call it truth
I call it opinion…
If I wanted average I would ask for their opinion!
Please… don’t get me wrong
I’m sure average is great,
but average is not something I am seeking right now
Best of luck and move along.

Your truth is not my reality!
Your opinion will never sway my dreams!
My dreams will never be your success story
and don’t expect me to say sorry.
I will never apologise for chasing my dreams
For having higher standards
For saying no when I need to
For doing EVERY THING I must do.

OPINIONS are the cheapest commodity on earth
Just like a cheap nasty hamburger
Everyone can have one
, but it’s best you don’t digest.
But I don’t digest B.S.

There’s better food for your soul
It’s not found in others opinions
It’s found in your own inner voice
The courage that has no fear of failure
No fear of opinions

It’s found in your FOLLOWING YOUR HEART
Not what is best for mom and dad
Not what society says is good or bad
Not what will makes you look important

Critics, doubters, Haters, naysayers… they will all discourage you because they are threatened by your success.

They believe that if you become successful they will be less significant

If you become successful… they will be left behind.
By you becoming more, they will become less…
By you doing something with your life, it highlights the fact they haven’t …
It’s a small mind mentality… insecurity.

Are you going to let insecure individuals bring you down to their level??

Everyone has an opinion. Usually those with a lack of skill have a louder opinion than those with talent.

They say the hardest prison to escape is your own mind
Very often that is true
Mostly because our own minds are exploding with the opinions of others
Trying to fit in to this world
Trying to live up to others expectations
Comparing ourselves to others
Mistaking opinions for truth
Escape that prison and live free.
Live like a king and answer only to yourself.

So many people never go for what they want
 because of the fear of others opinions.
Because of the fear of the word NO
Because of haters and naysayers.
That will NEVER be me!
I REFUSE to listen to the opinions of those who have never and will probably NEVER achieve anything meaningful in their own life.

and outside voices are just meaningless distractions.
I will NOT be swayed by the opinions of others.
I will NOT be distracted by their opinions.

I HAVE MY BLINKERS ON and I will not stop until I realize my true purpose. Until my dream is my reality.

There’s only one voice you must listen to.
Deep down you know which voice it is.

9 Disciplines of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Every successful entrepreneur has mastered one crucial skill, discipline. Below we specify 9 disciplines of every successful entrepreneur. Learn them, master them and success will follow.

If you would like a more in depth guide to the disciplines of every successful entrepreneur. We recommend Brian Tracy’s free e-book.


You must know before you set sail, in which direction you are travelling. You must not only know your destination but strongly believe in who you are, what you are capable of and what you will achieve. The message, culture and function of your company. What are you trying to do? And what will your company achieve? this must all be stated clearly on paper and put somewhere you will see it day and night. repeat it to yourself consistently. This will become your obsession. This will become your mantra. Your bible for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you would like a more in depth guide to the disciplines of every successful entrepreneur. We recommend Brian Tracy’s free e-book.


You must have unshakeable belief in your mission statement. You know what you are doing is of value, recognition will come later on in the piece. It is bullish consistent commitment, that has gotten 99% of companies off the ground. Find the very best in the field you want to be a part of and do it better. You know where you are going, there is not a thing in this world that will stop you.



You will need the basic skills to perform the function of your role, yes. But the competence I speak of is in the application you deliver day after day. There will be things you do not know, discover it, learn about it, completely MASTER it, and move on to the next objective. Your diligence will not only reward you but anyone you work with will see this diligence and they will develop their own belief in your journey, their own pride. Great companies have great culture.

“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. This improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that, you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” .
Elon Musk


If your company started today, there could be a game changing development tomorrow. Be ready to adapt and change how you do things at any moment. You must always be on the look out for ways to not only be pro active but to streamline the efficiency of your operation. How to do to it faster, cheaper, better? brainstorm the answers every day. Examine the top competitor in your field what are they doing well? And how can you do it better?


Get to know your self, that is self-discipline, self-control and self-development

  • You must have the self discipline to do what others won’t, to get up every day before the sun, to keep working when most would of quit, to do what needs to be done when you have nothing left. Successful entrepreneurs have the self discipline to take steps every day towards achieving their goals.
  • Self control you must be able to eliminate any distractions to your goals. The ability to not cave in when the whole world seems against you and you just want to unwind and forget about it all. You will keep grinding, no distractions you will accept success and nothing less!
  • Discovering the power of self development is a pivotal realization every successful entrepreneur will come to, you can literally improve every mental faculty you possess, concentration, determination, focus, creativity, drive, ambition, optimism, just to name a few. Self development also refers to the pursuit of knowledge, gaining functional intelligence, techniques or skills every day that you can utilise towards the achievement of your goal. Begin your self-developmental journey today.
Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is something that is mentioned a lot, because successful people know just how important it is. One positive thought does not count sadly, you need to develop the habit of positive thinking. You need to truly believe you will succeed with every fibre in your being. You need to frequently and passionately visualize success at every opportunity. This rewires your brain into knowing that your objectives are obtainable and will subconsciously work towards their achievement.


Through exercise and diet you can gain more energy, improve your self-discipline, gain perspective, reduce stress, increase brain function and live longer. Your brain is the most important tool of your trade, you must keep it well maintained. Every successful person has one eye on their health. Your health is the foundation on which you will build an empire, keep it strong.

Time Management

Time management is often overlooked. Most people believe if they work 100 hours a week they automatically qualify for a tick next to time management. Work smarter not harder. Time management refers to the efficiency you can complete tasks you should use your mental energy as a sword not a hammer, eliminating your tasks in a swift, precise movement not via blunt force trauma. Constantly look for ways to increase your efficiency, ask others in similar fields how they do things, learn processes fully the first time so you are not relearning already used skills each time they’re needed. Have a plan for each day, which task you will finish and how. And of course eliminate any distractions, email, social media, loud noise etc. can all affect your flow.


You can be as successful as you believe possible. Literally millions of people with less intelligence than you and less drive than you have become successful already. Decide what you’re going to do and attack it tirelessly every single day.

©Fearless Motivation

Morning Motivation – Set Your Life Up To Win (Fearless Motivation)

Every morning when your feet hit the floor, tell yourself: TODAY IS THE DAY.
Today is the day I PLANT SEEDS that will grow into GREATNESS in my future Today I will GIVE MY ALL. Every minute. Every moment. With everyone I encounter.
To live a great life, you gotta get your mornings right. Don’t just wander out of bed and throw yourself aimlessly into the drama of this world. Set your foundation for a strong day, which will lead to better habits, and in time a better life. Get up with PURPOSE and develop a routine that works for you. WORKOUT. Get your body moving. Create a habit that builds a strong body and a strong mind.
Be grateful. Spend at least a few minutes in appreciation for all the things you do have and for all the opportunities that are coming your way today.
“THANK YOU! THANK YOU for this day. THANK YOU I am alive. THANK YOU I am healthy. THANK you for my family. THANK YOU for my DRIVE. My Passion. THANK you for the opportunities coming my way today. I AM READY.”
Set your GOALS and INTENTIONS for the day. No one will reach their most sought-after destination if they don’t know where that place is.
 What are you going to accomplish today? What MIRACLES are you going to create today? Write them down. BELIEVE you can do it and GET TO WORK.
Start your day with power and INTENTION and you will live your life with STRENGTH and DIRECTION.
“THIS IS MY DAY. I control how I react to everything today. Today I will plant seeds for my future. Today I am ALIVE. Today I am grateful. Today I look for the good. Today I notice opportunities. Today I EXECUTE.
VISUALIZE what you want from this day. BELIEVE great things are coming. MEDITATE. Clear your mind of negativity. THIS IS YOUR DAY. SET YOUR LIFE UP TO WIN. How you start your day often determines how you LIVE your day, so effectively how you start your day determines your future.
How you start your days, consistently, determines the QUALITY of your LIFE! You must set up a morning routine that gets you in a strong, positive mind frame, ready for anything this day will throw our way.
Ask yourself the most important questions of all:
“If today were my last day on this earth, How do I want to live it? What example will I set? How will I treat others?”
Do not let your dreams go up in smoke. You have the opportunity this day, to make it your greatest day ever. Even if nothing comes this day – YOUR ATTITUDE will be better than any other day, and that alone will lead to great things.
You just keep doing that every day – GROWING, EVOLVING, giving your all – and you will achieve great things. I can guarantee you!
The BEST DAY of your life… That day is TODAY!
TODAY is your chance to become who you were designed to become. To do better. To be BETTER.
TODAY will be the greatest day of my life! TODAY I AM ON PURPOSE!
Show me a successful person that aimlessly gets out of bed – wanders out into the crazy world and succeeds at a high level. They don’t exist. Get yourself together in the morning. Get up early. There’s a reason so many people get up earlier than the rest….NO ONE can bother them. The early hours of the morning are the best time to think without distraction, to CREATE, to set goals and to clear your mind of any doubt or negativity. Do what works for YOU. Just build a strong foundation early in the morning. A strong foundation that will lead to a strong LIFE. The first thing I do when I get up each morning is say THANK YOU.
NOTHING in this world will get you in a stronger, clearer state of mind than starting your day with gratitude.
Gratitude is not for every now and then, it’s for EVERY SINGLE DAY. Gratitude is not for weirdos – it’s for WINNERS. Successful people are grateful people.
Stay away from social media and news. There’s plenty of time to fry your brain for the rest of the day. The morning is time to clear your mind of crap and power it up with positive powerful thoughts. If it works for you, get some affirmations.
Develop the mindset and BELIEF of a winner. Stand like you already have it. BELIEVE you will get it. Know that it will come if you keep working toward it if you keep finding out how you can get it. Prepare your meals for the day. Your body is your temple. Don’t get stuck and have to feed it garbage. Your temple deserves solid foundations STRONG food. STRONG body. Strong body. Strong mind. Strong Mind… STRONG human!
TODAY will be the greatest day of my life! TODAY I AM ON PURPOSE!
Those who live great lives know the power of the morning.The power of creating strong habits in the morning. A morning routine that will set you up for an unbreakable day.
Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team. Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team. Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team. Welcome to OS Preneur. Please support us by donating to this project. For details on how to donate please email us at . Thanks, OS Preneur Team.